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TikTok star Zoya Hashmi Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

The viral video of Zoya Hashmi is a popular topic that is trending on social media. People are eager to watch the Zoya Hashmi viral video in order to find out what it is about and why it is so popular. Find out more information about the viral Zoya Hashmi video here.

Young Pakistani TikTok creator Zoya Hashmi recently made headlines after one of her videos went viral online. Online scandals are common, but occasionally one like the one involving Hashmi that went viral on the internet. The video was uploaded online by its owner or uploader after being Viral, and as soon as viewers recognized the woman in the video, they began sharing it. It is claimed that the woman in the video is Hashmi. The fact that Hashmi has millions of followers on social media accounts contributes to the increased interest in the video. Tell us what actually transpired.

Zoya Hashmi: Bio & Wikipedia

Despite the fact that Zoya Hashmi lacks a wiki page, she has millions of social media followers, many of whom adore her. She has thousands of followers on both her TikTok account and her Instagram page, which has more than 540k followers. She is a graduate, though the sources don’t go into detail about her education. She appears to be around 25 years old and was born in Pakistan, according to some sources and her social media pictures. She goes by the username zoiii-hashmiii 12. She does not currently have an official Twitter account, but as the video gained popularity, there were numerous Tweets about her. Zoya Hashmi is a well-known Tik Tok celebrity. Zoya Hashim is a native of Pakistan’s Peshawar.

Twitter’s viral video of Zoya Hashmi

The video quickly became popular and received lots of views. This video, which is actually a priva*te recording, shows Hashmi with two or three men who appear to be pressuring and hara*ssing him. Hashmi was one of three to four people who appeared in the video, and it was recorded in a hotel room where they were all seated. Although the method of this video’s Viral is unknown, it is known that it received a lot of shares and is currently trending on social media. Because of this, there are many inquiries about her online and the video is currently trending. Perhaps Hashmi’s team or she herself will offer an explanation in the future.

The woman who was as*saulted and hara*ssed in the video was identified as Hashmi after it became widely popular on the internet. Hashmi’s side has not yet responded, and the case has not received any media attention. As a result, it is impossible to know for certain why and how the video was hot. From the video, it appeared that Hashmi had also been abused and harassed. The video shows Hashmi crying and her face looking swollen. Although the faces of the men in the video are hidden and cannot be seen, she is also seen being forced into it.

In the video, only Hashmi’s face could be made out, and it was noticeably swollen. Three guys in total were identified in the video. She has not yet shared information about her relationship, parents, education, or background.


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