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Thermobaric Weapons Video Goes Viral

WATCH: A Video About Thermobaric Weapons Has Gone Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit:

In the midst of unsubstantiated rumours that the battle had already reached the heart of Kyiv, explosions from what Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba described as “horrific Russian rocket strikes” were heard in the Ukrainian capital on Friday.

Residents reported seeing Russian tanks driving through their city in videos posted online, while gunshots and air raid sirens were heard in the capital. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Friday (February 25th, 2022) that Russia would attempt to “kill our resistance” overnight in a speech.

Video of Thermobaric Weapons

According to the latest revelation, one of the world’s most lethal weapons, capable of inflicting horrifyingly terrible wounds, is currently being utilised against Ukraine. It’s one of the most heinous weapons in the arsenal. It scavenges oxygen from the atmosphere. The blast’s destructive power is second only to that of a nuclear weapon, and Russia is employing it against Ukraine. In Moscow’s armoured vehicle formations, self-propelled many rocket launcher systems (MLRs) are a familiar sight.


They are armed with a variety of harpoons, the majority of which are enormous displays of semi-guided rockets designed to pound a target with a demoralising onslaught of explosives. Few, though, are far more heinous. They don’t have as many rockets as their cousins. Their warheads, on the other hand, are significantly more powerful. Their sole objective is to demolish defenders’ entrenched positions. Forts, bunkers, and caves are all examples of fortifications. They are particularly useful in metropolitan settings.

On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, a video about thermobaric weapons has gone viral.

There are various names for it. A bomb made of aerosol. A vacuum bomb, if you will. An explosive made up of fuel and air. The way it pulls oxygen from the surrounding air to form a high-temperature explosion, though, is a distinct trait. Unlike ordinary bombs, the massive shockwave lasts far longer. It can also deprive underground bunkers of all oxygen.

Thermobaric Rocket Launcher TOS-1

On a T-72 tank chassis, a 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher or a Soviet 220 mm 30-barre and thermobaric weapon. In open terrain, TOS-1 was designed to bombard entrenched positions and poorly armoured vehicles and cargo.

Their technology is brutally simple: a volatile mixture of vaporous fuel spreads out upon contact, mixes with the environment, and then explodes in a high-temperature, oxygen-depleting blast. The majority of outbursts explode in a flash. These are distinguished by their long-lasting flaming explosion. As a result, a vacuum effect occurs, sucking in all of the air from the ground level and ejecting it upwards in a massive mushroom cloud.

According to reports, the Thermobaric bomb video is becoming increasingly popular on the internet. According to the head of Britain’s military intelligence service, Russian forces with light armour are attempting to surround Kiev. The “vast bulk” of Vladimir Putin’s troops are reportedly advancing on Kiev, which is only 50 kilometres (30 miles) away. According to local defence sources, some have entered the city’s northern suburbs. So far, the Ukrainian Troops has resisted the invading army valiantly, particularly in metropolitan areas. Russian soldiers continue to push into Kiev along two axes, according to lieutenant general Sir Jim Hockenhull.

Their mission is to encircle the capital, dominate the populace, and overthrow the regime. Russia was launching attacks against Ukraine.

Russia continues to strike in Ukraine. Overnight, Russia launched a series of coordinated attacks on targets in Kiev, using rocket launchers near Chernihiv and Kharkiv. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to battle valiantly, concentrating on defending Ukraine’s biggest cities. According to Western diplomats, Ukrainians were fighting “admirably” for their country and were able to stop Russian soldiers in several major cities.

They feared that if Russian soldiers did not complete the operation on schedule and the Ukrainians retaliated, Putin would resort to indiscriminate assault. They also employ the lethal thermobaric bomb, which unleashes a barrage of explosive warheads on enemy forces. People in Ukraine and Russia are tense, and they are concerned about what will happen in the next few minutes. They are extremely worried with their personal relationships. There is a way to overcome this if both country’s presidents can settle their differences; otherwise, there isn’t. According to Western diplomats, Ukrainians are fighting valiantly for their country and have been able to halt Russian soldiers in some metropolitan areas.

The Russian government has referred to Kiev leaders as Nazis and drug addicts, and Western diplomats are unsure whether they are targeting Russian troops or not. Which is part of NATO. More troops would be sent to Eastern Europe. The Russian government did not play games with its citizens. After a virtual summit hosted by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, a meeting was held in which 30 leaders signed a common declaration. Keep up with the newest news by visiting this website.




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