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The video of Sapna Choudhary’s scorching performance has gone viral.

Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary is renowned for her incredible dance abilities. Today, she is the talk of the town. All of Sapna’s videos and music have gone viral. Social media is home to a sizable fan base for Sapna Choudhary. She has a distinctive personality and is gorgeous. Her video is going viral on social media once more.

‘Jewdi ‘

Sapna has a distinctive desi aesthetic. Sapna Choudhary can be seen lighting the internet on fire in this dance video. Her video is receiving a tonne of love from fans. She dances to the song “Jewdi” in this. In this video, she is seen sporting a dark blue suit while sporting her traditional Indian look, and she looks stunning. This is probably Sapna Choudhary’s most well-known song, at least among non-fans.

The popularity of Sapna Choudhary

For those who are unaware, Sapna Choudhary also starred in Salman Khan’s popular reality TV program “Bigg Boss.” Following Bigg Boss, Sapna’s popularity grew. Sapna is also very active on social media and is skilled at winning over her followers.

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