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The video of BLUEFACE and Rock fighting went viral on Twitter and YouTube.

According to a viral video that’s going around the internet, rapper Blueface and his girlfriend got into a fight in the streets of Hollywood. People started filming it, and then it was posted online. The video quickly became popular online, and it appears that the couple had a fight and were allegedly involved in the fighting. In the video, Blueface and his girlfriend engage in a physical altercation that eventually ends with the two of them breaking up. Following the altercation, it was clear that the two were constantly posting stories to their Instagram accounts and making fun of one another. Let’s explore in depth

Viral Video of Blueface and Chrisean Rock

According to the viral video, a fight broke out between the former couple, rapper Blueface, real name Jonathan Jamall Porter, and his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock. Initially, it appeared in the video that Rock was putting pressure on Blueface and that she punched Blueface in the face. Then the man is seen taking the initiative and setting Rock down on the ground. After a brief period of time, the people pacing the road resolved the argument, and the two parted ways. Police were called after a flight was reported missing, according to the sources, and they arrived at the scene, but the two had already left. According to police, they

What transpired between Chrisean Rock and Blueface?

The two were seen leaving together after their argument was resolved. The two began sharing Instagram stories about one another after the argument, which was another development. Blueface started it off by posting that Rock was the heavyweight champion of the world while making fun of the way she punched him. “You all don’t know her, I barely know her,” he continued. Blueface claimed that Rock cheated on him and that Rock sent him private videos of her and her current boyfriend in order to incite jealousy in Blueface or something similar. Blueface added that someone was attempting to serve as Rock’s bodyguard.

Expalined Blueface & Chrisean Rock Video

People began sharing the video as soon as it became popular online, and it later served as the basis for numerous internet memes. The couple quickly became the subject of jokes, and soon the internet was flooded with memes. After the video went viral on Twitter, a lot of memes were tweeted. One of the Twitter users made fun of the fact that the two were cohabitating despite being in a toxic relationship. A video of Jake Paul from some arbitrary source was posted underneath a tweet from another Twitter user claiming that Jake Paul is preparing for a boxing match after seeing his video of him fighting with his girlfriend.

The rapper and his girlfriend will both be interviewed by the LAPD, who have stated that they are handling the case and that they will respond when they have done so.

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