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The Relationship Cheating Rumours Between Sarah Paulson and Jessica Chastain Have Been Dismissed!

Following a bombshell Twitter tweet, Sarah Paulson’s cheating charges quickly spread over social media. Her relationship with Jessica Chastain has been questioned since the post went viral. Let us point you that they are not romantically involved. It isn’t the first time, though, that social media has been used to disseminate online rumours, and this time was no exception. Sarah Paulson and Jessica Chastain are attracting a lot of attention on the internet. Fans are perplexed by the situation after seeing the message. Check out the article below to learn more about the situation.

Sarah’s adultery suspicions started after a Twitter user, Drew Gregory, uploaded a post. “I cannot get over the theatrical school atmosphere of Sarah Paulson cheating with Jessica Chastain,” Gregory tweeted. It’s as if Lady Gaga and Rachel Berry had a f**k-up.” However, the user made it clear that she was joking in the same post. The last comment read, “It’s merely a rumour, but it makes sense.” Since it was tweeted on March 31, 2022, the tweet has been deleted. It has gotten a lot of attention from the internet community. Despite the fact that the user explic**itly said that it was simply a rumour, some individuals appeared to assume it was true.

According to sources, Sarah and Holland have been dating since 2017. Despite their 32-year age gap, the pair is not shy to show the world their love. “To feel like I belong to anyone other than a person I would like to belong to, like Holland or my puppy or my best friend or my sister… a lot of strangers claiming me as their own is a little unsettling,” Sarah said in an interview about the age gap. “Because I’m not an expert at figuring out how to go around it, I occasionally contribute more than I want to,” she added.

Sarah and Jessica, on the other hand, are long-time friends who have worked in the industry together. They’ve always been supportive of one another and never shied away from expressing it. Despite rumours to the contrary, they are not engaged in a romantic relationship. When it comes to admiring each other’s work, the two are never quite as forthright as each other. Jessica had even tagged Sarah in 2017, praising her for always keeping her connection with Holland out in the open. Keep an eye on this space for further information and the latest news from across the world.

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