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The man was nabbed in Samastipur, Why he Arrested?

A shocking piece of information has come to light. A 50-year-old man was arrested, according to reports, after a video of him as***saul***ting his daughter went viral online. The man was nabbed in Samastipur, Bihar. According to reports, the middle-aged man can be seen r***aping his own daughter in the viral video. Needless to say, the news has shocked everyone. What could be more shameful and horrifying than a father r***aping his child has become a point of contention. Details can be found here.

According to reports, the accused is a teacher by profession and a resident of Samastipur’s Rosera. He was charged with r***aping and endangering his 18-year-old daughter. In order to expose her father, she even used a hi***dden camera to record the as***sault. The shocking incident was brought to light after the teenager posted a video of the as***sault on social media. She sought justice by posting the video online, and it appears that justice has been served, as the heartless father has been arrested by authorities.

As a result, the issue has become a topic of debate. According to Rosera subdivision DSP Sahiyar Akhtar, police launched a FIR (First Information Report) based on the daughter’s complaint and arrested the accused father after the video went viral. According to the DSP, the father who was seen as***saulting the victim in the viral video has been arrested.

According to Sahiya Akhtar, legal action is being taken and other accused are being identified based on the statement, and raids are also being conducted. Despite the fact that the man has been arrested, officials have continued to investigate the case in order to gather more evidence. According to reports, the father was questioned by police, and an investigation was launched to determine whether there were any other suspects in the case.

It is also claimed that the victim’s mother did not object to the as***sault and that her maternal uncle forced her to remain silent about it. There is no doubt that the story has spread like wildfire on social media. A debate has also begun as everyone expresses concern for the safety of girls. People are debating whether the girls are even safe in their own homes, which makes the situation even worse. Continue to visit our website for more such updates and breaking news.

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