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The Full Twitter Controversy Between Cardi B and Akbar V: Who Is Akbar V? Trending Videos On Social Media

Not for her recently released new album, but rather for a Twitter controversy, Cardi B has recently made headlines. Yes, the rapper made reference to another rapper named Akbar V whom she had made fun of online in a number of tweets posted on her Twitter account. Fans were praising Cardi for her album, but when they learned that another rapper named Akbar existed, they became perplexed. As the controversy grew, more queries about Akbar’s identity and the context of Cardi’s pointless mockery of her emerged. While it was revealed that Cardi had a motivation for doing so and had tweeted for Akbar. Tell us about the entire, raging dispute between Cardi and Akbar.

Full Analysis of the Cardi B and Akbar V Twitter Discourse

Let’s first establish who Akbar V or Akbar is before moving on to the controversy. Akbar V is a rapper who got into a messy situation with Cardi. Along with being a rapper, Akbar also appears on the reality TV program Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. This program primarily focuses on real life and the inner workings of a rapper’s life. While Akbar also produced a number of well-known albums.

Her albums include 3$ NO, Tax, RIP, Mama, and Rehab, to name a few. Akbar used to be a part of the Young Thug-founded YSL group, which supported and sponsored up-and-coming rappers. Valerie Raven is Akbar’s real name, and she is an Atlanta native.

Trending: Cardi B Got Wild On Akbar V

Akbar responded to Cardi after her videos started trending on Twitter by claiming that she wasn’t making fun of Cardi and that she had never brought her up. She addressed it as well, but she did not like Cardi’s actions in posting her leaked private tape online and criticising her kids.

Cardi shouldn’t have included her children in this, according to Akbar, who also acknowledged that she is a mother. Cardi responded from the other side, saying that she was attempting to contact Akbar but had not received a response, which served to fuel the flames even more. Cardi later closed the discussion and put an end to this contentious debate by thanking her supporters for their support of her latest album.

Akbar V: Who Is He?

Rapper Akbar gained a lot of fans thanks to the numerous videos of herself that she posted online about herself and her albums.

A new album by Akbar was just released, and it was also very good. For instance, she shared a video of herself discussing how other rappers simply dominate the hit chart or the billboard chat while releasing albums infrequently. Cardi’s fans misinterpreted this video of Akbar, taking it quite seriously and believing that Cardi was being made fun of. When Cardi arrived, she started talking about Akbar online and posting videos, during which she also posted a viral video of Akbar and talked about her kids.


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