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The Five Best Korean Dramas of 2022

K-dramas: It is simple to understand why K-dramas have experienced a sharp increase in popularity in recent years. The shows are cute and straightforward, frequently featuring realistic stories that draw viewers. Fans have no complaints, so it is obvious why so many streaming services are adding more Korean drama content.

The top 5 Korean dramas that were released in 2022 are listed in full here.

Shooting Stars, no. 5

This drama is the ideal heartwarming program. There is obvious chemistry between the main characters, and the show gives fans plenty of adorable moments. It’s a touching rom-com that gets the job done. This is the ideal relaxed show for a night in because it has little stress and only a hint of conflict.


Tomorrow, no. 4

Fans will notice how this comedy has a strong resemblance to earlier, more well-known K-dramas. Although not everyone will enjoy the outrageous humor, it provides the subject at hand with much-needed relief. The program tells believable stories with human values despite its supernatural nature.

Soundtrack No. 1, no. 3

favored by users The main characters in this brief but heartwarming love story are played by Park Hyung-Sik and new, rising star Han So-Hee. The program is entertaining for anyone who needs a break even though it is predictable. A soothing and endearing tale that can’t help but put viewers in a good mood.

Twenty-five and twenty-one, no. 2

This program features a stunning cast and a sombre, true story. With their charismatic and endearing personalities, the primary cast as a whole—not just the main couple—will cause the audience to fall in love. The story demonstrates the development and warmth between relationships and friendships, though it may break the hearts of viewers.

Business Proposal, no. 1

Business Proposal is difficult to miss out on because it is one of the best-rated K-dramas of the year. The drama will undoubtedly make fans swoon with its sweet romance and chemistry-filled relationship. For those who need a break from the stresses of life, this is a sweet and simple romance drama.

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