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The first film about ‘safe se**x’ in Pakistan was released.

The short film ‘Khushkhabri Kay Baad’ is Pakistan’s first film about the necessity of safe se**x.

Regardless of social class, many people feel that marriage is the start of a chain of children, with little regard for the impact or disadvantages of population growth.

The short film ‘Khushkhabri Kay Baad’ is based on marriage taboos related to contraceptives, reproduction, and specifically the use of contraceptives, which is not welcomed at all, as well as what is quite common in desi households, such as elders’ interference in the se**xual lives of newly married couples and their unasked-for se**x and reproduction advice.

Saleem Mairaj, Hajra Yamin, Nazli Nasr, and Hassan Raza feature in Angeline Malik’s film, which is directed by her. Elements Prime’s YouTube Channel now has the short film available.


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