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The father of Dua Zehra appeals the SHC ruling to the Supreme Court

The most recent development in the Dua Zehra case is that her father has petitioned the Supreme Court to review the ruling rendered by the Sindh High Court.

The Karachi teen had previously been given the option by the high court to choose between moving in with her parents or leaving with her husband. Based on Dua Zehra’s statement and the medical examination, the SHC rendered its decision.

Read the petition. The father pleaded, “Dua Zehra’s age has been described as 17 years in the medical report, while her age is 14 years according to the NADRA record and educational certificates.

The trial court has received the police’s “C” Class challan. The petitioner has requested that the case be heard right away. The apex court is anticipated to hear the case the following week.

In the case of Karachi teen Dua Zehra, who vanished from her hometown and later turned up in Punjab, a two-member bench led by Justice Muhammad Junaid Ghaffar issued a written order.

Furthermore, the SHC prohibited the concerned authorities from filing any cases of kidnapping because it found no evidence that the girl had been taken. The parents’ petition regarding the alleged kidnapping of the teenage girl had also been dismissed by the SHC.

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