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The facilities of Insaf Health Card do not cure critical patients

LAHORE: It has been determined that the federal government’s much-discussed health-care-card programme does not treat significant ailments. Patients acquiring health cards are experiencing tremendous challenges as a result of the non-treatment of important diseases in hospitals as a result of such situations.

According to sources, Health Card can give free treatment up to Rs. 1 million. However, it is unclear if this capacity will be available indefinitely when the card is issued or if it may be revoked or cancelled at any moment. Is the limit for the entire family or just the cardholder? It’s unclear if it happens once in a lifetime or once a year.
What exactly is a health card?

  • Treatment will be delivered free of charge at public or private hospitals designated for the Health Justice Program using the New Pakistan Health Card.
  • Your card will be charged for the treatment price.
  • In the case of preferential treatment, the initial coverage will be Rs. 300,000, with an extra coverage of Rs.300,000 every year.
  • Each family will receive a facility of 60,000 in main coverage for secondary care, while an extra 60,000 will be provided yearly in case of supplementary coverage.

preferred method of treatment

  • Heart disease treatment.
  • Diabetes-related problems are treated.
  • Injuries caused by accident, such as bone fractures
  • On-the-road mishaps
  • Heart, liver, kidney, and lung treatment
  • Jaundice, as well as black jaundice.
  • Treatment for cancer.
  • Surgery on the nervous system.
  • End-of-life renal disease treatment.
  • Preferential care also includes a free one-time check-up facility following hospital release.

Secondary treatment

  • Maternity.
  • Normal delivery.

Section 3

  • Complications of maternity surgery.
  • Examination four times before birth.
  • Examination once after birth.
  • One-time examination of the newborn baby.
  • Medications one day before admission and five more days after discharge from the hospital.

Diseases that will not be cured

  • OPD facility will not be available.
  • There will be no facility to correct the opinion.
  • There is no cure for expulsion from nuclear facilities or being affected by nuclear weapons.
  • Those injured in war, riots, or terrorist attacks will not get relief.
  • Deliberate self-injury, psychiatric disorders, mental illnesses will not be cured.
  • There will be no AIDS, laboratory tests, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment.
  • Injuries during sports or competitions will not be treated.
  • There is no cure for natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.
  • There is no cure for coronavirus and other epidemics.
  • An infertility treatment facility will not be available.

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