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Texas DeSoto West Middle School Leaked Fight Video Viral On Twitter

Viral Fight Video from Texas DeSoto West Middle School

Although the teacher was unharmed, the student who threw the chair was sent to the principal’s office. The video of a student throwing a chair at a substitute teacher at DeSoto West Middle School has sparked widespread interest around the world. The matter is being investigated by Texas law enforcement, and the substitute teacher has been placed on administrative leave by the school district. An assault on a substitute teacher at DeSoto West Middle School is being investigated by police. Other students witnessed the violent incident and recorded it on their cell phones as they watched in horror.

Details on the Viral Fight at Texas DeSoto West Middle School

Two eighth-grade students are seen punching and kicking the teacher in the video. A desk chair was thrown at her by one of the students. The teacher tries to block her head with her hands while being assaulted. After a video surfaced showing what happened during an altercation, DeSoto police are investigating a report of disorderly conduct against a substitute teacher. The video begins with two students squabbling. One punches the first student, while the other grabs and holds him.

What Happened In The Viral Fight Video From DeSoto West Middle School?

The next few moments are a blur of arms and legs. A crowd forms around the two students, who appear to be throwing punches at one another. A flailing arm knocks over a person in dark pants who appears to be a substitute teacher. Another adult male enters the picture at this point. He snatches the student and pulls him away from the brawl. After that, the room quickly empties… An altercation at a Texas middle school resulted in a skewed news stories about the incident. One of the reasons I started this blog was to assist in the spread of truth and the correction of misinformation.

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