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Tell the truth, Aina Asif, Ahad Raza Mir forbade any girl from becoming a sister.

Aina Asif, the Showbiz Actress who plays Ahad Raza Mir’s younger sister, has a good and sufficient character after this Serial. She Said Ahad Raza Mir Not Allowed to Me, said Ahad Bhai.

Ahad wants all-girl friends, not sisters. Aina Asif’s character is well-liked by the audience, and she will most likely embark on new projects. Check out some photos of Aina Asif and Ahad Raza Mir, as well as the interview.

Aina Asif is a Pakistani showbiz star who is young, capable, and on the rise. Aina is an actress and model. Even with different brands and originators, the ability to arise. She has a charming grin and a lovely, seductive face. Aina has yet to appear in any dramatization series.

Aina Asif is a Pakistani model and entertainer. Aina Asif portrayed Mille in the dramatization Murmur Tum. She played Ahad Raza Mir’s sister in the show Murmur Tum. She is beautiful and talented. Aina has performed for a number of organizations. Aina Asif will also appear in Pinjra, a different show.

Aina is a talented and young Pakistani actress who has demonstrated her adaptability at a young age by portraying negative, positive, and comedic roles. She announced her acting debut in 2021, assuming the role of ‘Milli’ in the well-known Ramzan play ‘Murmur Tum.’ Her older sibling persuaded her to pursue a career in acting.

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