Syur Mirip ONIC Kayes Viral Video on Twitter, YouTube & Reddit

Currently popular is yet another TikToker lady, Mirip Kayes’ viral video. She is an Indonesian woman and the ONIC Esports model ambassador. Many internet users have searched for Dicari Kayes’s video, but many of them are eager to view Kayes’s privat*e video.*

Following the distribution of a video showing a woman named in front of the camera, Kayes has become extremely popular. People believe it to be Kayes ONIC.

Her original video has been searched thousands of times on social media platforms because people want to see it.

Kayes ONIC: who is she?

The incredible female gamer Kayes ONIC is now highly sought after by eSports fans. after her allegedly viral online video.

One of the many female brand ambassadors for Indonesia’s eSports industry, particularly ONIC, is Kayes. She had thousands and thousands of followers on TikTok before becoming an ONIC Esports ambassador.*

Allegedly Syur Mirip ONIC Kayes Viral Video

Due to a few minor similarities between Kayes and the woman in the viral video, many online users believe that the woman is Kayes. like the background in which she is standing, the woman’s body, the neck*lace, and the place where she is standing.

People continue to wonder if the video is real or not, and our staff is looking into the situation as well.

  • Post published:August 6, 2022
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