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ONIC Kayes: Life, Career, and Social Media Influence

Alleged ONIC Kayes Video Goes Viral on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit

ONIC Esports, a prominent name in the gaming industry, is represented by several brand ambassadors who promote their events and engage with the gaming community. Among these ambassadors is the charming and widely adored Kharisma Cahya Putri, better known as Kayes.

The Rise of ONIC Kayes

Kayes has become a staple at ONIC Esports‘ offline events, often capturing the audience’s attention with her adorable presence. Born in Bandung on May 13, 2003, Kayes, now 23 years old, has amassed a significant following even before her tenure with ONIC Esports. Her journey from a public figure to a brand ambassador is a testament to her charisma and appeal.

Profile Overview

  • Full Name: Kharisma Cahya Putri
  • Stage Name: ONIC Kayes
  • Nickname: Kayes
  • Place, Date of Birth: Bandung, West Java, May 13, 2003
  • Nationality: Indonesia
  • Education: SMA Angkasa, Bandung City
  • Boyfriend: Celiboy
  • Profession: TikToker, Brand Ambassador, Gamer

ONIC Kayes: The Adorable Face Behind ONIC Esports

Relationship with Celiboy

ONIC Kayes’ relationship with professional player Celiboy from Alter Ego has been a topic of interest since July 2022. Celiboy shared that he started courting Kayes by inviting her to play Mobile Legends, leading to frequent interactions and eventually dating. Celiboy admires Kayes for her humorous behavior and endearing looks.

Get to Know ONIC Kayes: ONIC Esports Brand Ambassador

ONIC Kayes Body Appearance

ONIC Kayes height is 5 feet 3 inches and weights 55 kilograms. She has a slender figure with body measurements of 33B inches for the chest, 30 inches for the waist, and 33 inches for the hips. Her striking blonde hair and eye color complement her vibrant personality, making her a standout figure in the esports community.

ONIC Kayes: The Journey of Kharisma Cahya Putri in Esports

Early Career and Social Media Fame

Before joining ONIC Esports, Kayes was a well-known TikToker with millions of followers. She frequently shared content about her daily life, dance routines to viral songs, and fun videos with friends. Her engaging personality and high appeal caught the attention of ONIC Esports, leading to her recruitment as a brand ambassador in May 2021. Kayes’ role has significantly boosted ONIC’s popularity, coinciding with the team’s numerous achievements.

Discover ONIC Kayes: The Charming Ambassador of ONIC Esports

Voice of ONIC Esports Emote

Mobile Legends frequently releases unique emotes featuring esports teams, pro players, and brand ambassadors. For the MPL event, Mobile Legends created an ONIC Esports emote using Kayes’ voice, saying “Go ONIC.” This emote quickly became a favorite among ONIC fans.

Net Worth

Kayes’ net worth has not been updated yet.

These are just some of the many intriguing facts about the delightful and gaming-loving ONIC Kayes. Her journey from a TikTok star to a significant figure in the esports community is truly inspiring. Are you one of ONIC Kayes’ fans?

Contact and Social Media

  • Instagram: 2.9 million followers
  • TikTok: 8 million followers, 98.5 million likes

Kayese’s TikTok videos about her, contributing to her ever-growing popularity. Her influence in the gaming community is undeniable, and she continues to inspire and entertain her followers.

Kayes’ story is a fascinating blend of charm, talent, and social.

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