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Suspects in Peshawar blast identified: Sheikh Rasheed

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police and investigating agencies have identified three suspects in the suicide blast inside a mosque in Peshawar, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid.

Sheikh Rashid claimed in a video message posted to his Twitter account that police and investigation agencies had made contact with the suspects and that they should be apprehended within the next two to three days.

Foreign forces are attempting to destabilise the country, according to the interior minister, who has promised to foil their plans.

“Floods, earthquakes, or pandemics do not destroy a country, but misinformation and anarchy undermine a state,” the minister said in a video statement.

He asserted that the prime minister will serve out his five-year constitutional term and promised that they would defeat the opposition in the NA once more.

“At a time when the country is moving progress, the Opposition is stoking instability and agitation,” he continued.

Death toll in Peshawar blast

A spokesperson for the Lady Reading Hospital revealed Saturday that the death toll from the suicide bomb attack on the Peshawar mosque a day earlier had risen to 63 after six more of the injured succumbed to their injuries.

According to the spokeswoman, 57 bodies were taken to the hospital yesterday.

“The hospital is still treating 37 injured people,” he said, adding that five of them are in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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