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Surprising Twists: Unofficial Results of Pakistan Election 2024 Revealed

Unprecedented General Election Unfolds with Diverse Electoral Landscape

The recently concluded general election marked a historic event in the country’s political landscape, boasting the largest voter turnout in its history. As vote counting gets underway, preliminary unofficial results reveal a diverse mix of candidates leading in various constituencies. This article provides a snapshot of the initial outcomes and sheds light on the security measures taken during the election process.

Election Highlights:

NA-3: Independent candidate Salim-ur-Rehman has taken the lead with 373 votes.

NA-44: Independent candidate Ali Amin Gandapur is ahead with an impressive 3556 votes.

NA-46: Anjum Aqeel Khan of PML-N is leading with 101 votes.

NA-64: Chaudhary Salik from Q-League is in the lead with 252 votes.

NA-103: Independent candidate Muhammad Ali Sarfaraz is leading with 530 votes.

NA-119: PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz has secured the lead with 318 votes.

NA-122: Independent candidate Latif Khosa is currently at the top with 567 votes.

NA-151: Abdul Ghaffar of PML-N leads with 341 votes.

NA-157: PML-N’s Syed Sajid Mehdi is ahead with 332 votes.

NA-172: Javed Iqbal Waraich, an Azad hopeful, is leading with 340 votes.

Elections 2024: Live Updates on Unofficial Results – Who’s Leading and Trailing?

Security Measures:

The magnitude of this election was evident in the comprehensive security arrangements put in place. Polling stations were safeguarded by a joint deployment of police, Rangers, and the Pakistan Army to ensure a secure and peaceful voting process. With 265 National Assembly seats and 591 Provincial Assembly seats at stake, a total of 5,254 candidates vied for positions in the National Assembly. The polling duration, spanning from 8 am to 5 pm, allowed voters ample time to cast their ballots.


As the nation awaits the official results, these preliminary figures provide a glimpse into the diverse political landscape emerging from this monumental general election. The multitude of candidates, ranging from independents to established party members, highlights the democratic vibrancy of the country. The final results will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of the nation, reflecting the will of the people expressed through their votes.

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