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Spoilers & Preview for Naagin Episode 20-3-2022

Hello everyone, we’re back with exclusive updates from your favourite TV show “Naagin Season 6,” as the 20th March 2022 episode brings a high-octane drama that will make your weekend complete. Yes, both Naagins Pratha and Mehak are ready to carry out their new plans to destroy the demons who are hanging around their necks as swords in order to catch the “Naagmani” at all costs. As a result, Mehak decided to join the Holi celebrations so that no one could doubt her and her plans would succeed, but Rishabh had reservations about the two.

Pratha and Mehak kill Ridhi in the most recent episode because she was obstructing their path and they had no choice but to slaughter her in this manner. But there’s a twist when they start looking into Diya’s case, because they’re determined to find the defaulter whose main role is to blame for her death. Pratha insists that they must act quickly before it is too late, but Mehak convinces her that they must first attend the Holi celebration. So that no one could possibly doubt them, but Rishabh is also tracking down Pratha.

Written Update for Naagin Episode 20-3-2022

  • Ridhi is killed by Pratha and Mehak.
  • Pratha is under the control of Snak*e Charmer.

When Pratha returns to the function, Rishabh approaches her to ask her a question, but their elders spontaneously ask them to perform. They initially refuse, but under duress, they are forced to perform. Meanwhile, an extempore snak*e charmer appears and begins playing his weapon, allowing Pratha to appear in her true form. As a result, she falls unconscious and begins to dance at his command, and when he asks her to transform into her true “SheshNaagin” avatar, Urvashi overturns the entire game.

At the same time, Rishabh notices a snak*e charmer accusing Pratha, so he rushes over to her and stops him by mentioning who summoned him here, despite the fact that a celebration is taking place. Meanwhile, the snak*e-charmer claims that ignoring him is a mistake because he knows everything there is to know about Pratha. Rishabh, on the other hand, dismisses him and orders security to send him out as soon as possible. So don’t miss it on Colors, and stay tuned with us for more information.

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