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SONYA THOMAS Viral Video on Twitter, YouTube & Reddit

Who Is Sonya Thomas – Bio, Age, Boyfriends

Sonya Thomas is a skinny, lanky girl who must eat more because everyone makes fun of her low weight. She consumes food similar to birds and weighs less than a small bird. Thomas, a competitive foodie from Korea who is about 37 years old and ranked first in the entire world after winning more than 20 titles from around the globe in eating competitions, is from that country. In eating competitions, she had many men trailing her, earning the moniker “BLACK WIDOW.” For readers who are not familiar with this competition, several competitors sit in front of one another and must begin eating as soon as the whistle blows.

The winner is the person who consumes the food first. By that point, these eating contests had grown very popular and were now one of the most widely watched sports.

The International Competitive Eating Federation is a group that was created specifically for these eating contests. These eating competitions have gained much more fame over the past three decades, evolving from a minimum of three to four competitions per year to numerous food festivals for foodies. There are many shows currently airing on various TV channels, including FOX and other well-known ones, that feature on-screen eating competitions. Examples include THE GLUTTONOUS BOWL, TSUNAMI, and many more that have gained widespread fame and a large following worldwide.

Viral Video of SONYA THOMAS

These eating competitions have produced and shattered a number of world records. A Japanese boy named Thomas junior, who was the tallest of them all and the world record holder for most traditional dishes consumed in a given amount of time during specific events, set the record for himself. The food federation recently declared that these well-known eating contests were becoming more and more popular as time went on. Earlier, many people had opposed the idea of food-eating competitions.

However, they are currently creating their own records, trends, fans, and followers all over the world. This demonstrates how, for some people, even eating can be a talent or passion. Not everyone eats in order to survive. Some people only exist so they can eat delicious food that looks, tastes, and smells amazing.

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