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Snak*e Island Ukraine Soldiers Video goes viral

WATCH: Soldiers from Snak*e Island, Ukraine, Film a Russian Warship Final Words Before 13 Troops Are Killed:

“Go F Yourself” Netizens have widely uploaded a video in which Ukrainian soldiers can be seen yelling to Russians, “Go F**k yourselves,” before being shot down by the Russians. Since its release on the internet, this video has been watched by millions of people and widely shared. If you haven’t viewed the video yet, you should read the rest of this page to learn about the episode in which several heroic Ukrainian troops refused to surrender to the Russians.

Soldiers from Snak*e Island, Ukraine

As everyone is aware of the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which has placed world peace in jeopardy, an event occurred recently on Snak*e Island in which three heroic Ukrainian troops gave up their lives because they refused to surrender in front of Russians. This occurrence takes place on a tiny island near Romania in the Black Sea. Continue reading to learn more about what transpired on Snak*e Island between Ukrainian and Russian forces.


Warships from Russia Video: Go F Yourself

People all around the globe are praising the bravery of the soldiers stationed on Snak*e Island, and many are also backing Ukraine’s brave warriors for not giving up. Currently, a video including the audio recording of a heroic Ukrainian soldier screaming “Go F**k yourself” to the Russian ships after they ordered the Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their guns and surrender is causing a stir on social media.

The valiant response and bravery of the soldiers have been lauded by Ukraine’s supporters. Read on to learn why Russians shot them and what the dialogue between Russians and Ukrainian soldiers was like before they went to the firing range.

Before the 13 Troops Were Killed Video, Some Final Thoughts

According to reports, Russian soldiers called the guards and pretended to be a Russian warship, and Russians also issued a final warning to the Ukrainian soldiers that if they did not surrender, they would begin firing at them, but the brave soldiers of Ukraine refused to surrender and responded as we discussed above. Russians assassinated all of Ukraine’s stationed soldiers on Snak*e Island shortly after. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed the tragedy, saying, “Defending it until the end, and our all border guards perished valiantly on our Zmiinyi Island, but did not surrender.”

How was the first day when Russia attacked Ukraine, according to a journalist who was present in Ukraine at the time Russia launched its attack? According to a source from Ukraine and a person who was in Ukraine at the time of Russia’s strike, According to the source, everything in Ukraine altered after the incident. When the Russian army attacked, the explosions rattled the walls, lighted apartments, and even woke him awake through thick curtains. A reporter from Ukraine described how he felt when Russian forces stormed his country.

When it explores in the calm, early morning of February 24th on Thursday, the reporter claimed there is no mistaking the roar and brilliant light of an airstrike. When three of four Russian cruise missiles targeted a military airport roughly 2,000 feet from his bed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, he was unable to sleep.

This is not a forecast made by someone who lives in another nation and wrote and mentioned what he thinks about a country’s war situation and how its people feel.

This is based on a genuine storey told by a reporter who was present when Russian forces began attacking Ukraine. ‘With over 150,000 Russian president Vladimir Putin’s forces encircling Ukraine and threatening to invade at any time, it looked like 40 million Ukrainians, as well as a dozen journalists staying at his three-star hotel, were terrified sleepless,’ he added thereafter.

It wasn’t simply a journalist’s experience; it was the genuine terror of every Ukrainian in Ukraine at the moment when Russians began shelling Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday morning.
He got a text from Alexander Vindman, a former army US Army lieutenant colonel who was the director for European Affairs for the National Security Council, at 4:36 a.m. Kyiv time, according to him. He inquired as to his well-being. Yes, said the reporter. He murmured put to him on his bad, “Quiet here in Kramatorsk.” We want to show you that when a country encounters a difficulty, such as a war, it is less important who wins the conflict than how it affects ordinary residents. As a result, every supreme authority should consider these individuals. Children, more than anybody else, have to suffer the most under this situation.

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