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Singer Stephanie Otobo, Apostle Suleman Video Went Viral on Twitter

Stephanie Otobo, a Canadian singer, and her alleged estranged lover Apostle Johnson Suleman may have a long way to go.

Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) International has Suleman as its Senior Pastor and General Overseer.

In 2017, the se**x scandal involving Otobo and Suleman first made headlines.

The singer posted a series of defamatory Snapchat photos of herself and the pastor, whom she claimed had impregnated and dumped her, on the internet.

Nigerians were stunned as the singer revealed the ugly details of their relationship, including kinky se**x, se**xting, abortion, and even an alleged planned wedding.

Stephanie accused the cleric of attempting to eliminate her on Twitter in the early hours of Monday, May 9.

Suleman, she claims, has been accusing pastors and politicians of attempting to bring him down without naming them.

“The pastor has done everything to end my life,” she claimed, “but God is not dead.”

Otobo also claims the cleric detained her when she arrived in the country to film a music video with Timaya.

After that, the musician shared screenshots of video calls as well as another intimate image.

She challenged the “Oracle of God” to say he wasn’t the man in the photos.

“Can you deny this, God’s Oracle?” Your left thigh scar and your fingernail? Could you please send them as well? I salute you, Apostle Johnson Suleman… If you have any questions, read through the thread and watch the video. She captioned the photo, “Your answers are right there.”

“How did I get his photos that aren’t public photos in the first place, and how come I’m the first to release this kind of photo of him if these screenshots are fake?” Since I came out to speak up with receipts, he’s changed his hairstyle twice. He has gone to great lengths to appear unique.”

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