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Singer Neha Kakkar got trolled again for crying in front of the camera

Neha Kakkar received criticism once more for sobbing in front of the camera: In reality shows, Neha Kakkar frequently cried in front of the cameras. Sometimes, despite the participants’ amazing performances, the singer’s hearts would sink when they heard of their suffering, and their eyes would well up with tears. But as a result, he frequently encountered trolls.

When Neha Kakkar returned to the reality show, tears again poured from her eyes, and online trolls mocked her. But this time, Neha responded to the trolls appropriately rather than remaining silent.

Neha is known as the Cry Baby.
People have even dubbed Neha Kakkar “Cry Baby” since she sobbed frequently on social media. Even Neha Kakkar receives constant and extreme mockery.

Neha displayed emotional behavior on the reality show once more, and when the same situation arose, she responded appropriately this time.

She stated that because some individuals do not care about other people’s suffering, she does not give a damn about what trolls say or do.

Some individuals lack emotion.
Neha Kakkar said that some individuals lack all emotion and do not care about the suffering of others. Those individuals will come off as lying to me in that situation, whereas sensitive people will have no trouble understanding me.

I am proud to possess this quality, and I have no regrets about it.
It is clear that hearing this can make others more aware, thus they ought to stop making fun of Neha Kakkar.

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