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Singer Madonna shared kisses with rapper Tokischa at NYC Pride

On June 23, at Terminal 5’s NFT.NYC event, Madonna—a longtime ally of the LGBTQ community and honorary gay—celebrated New York Pride. For her NYC Pride party, the pop icon, who most recently appeared on the cover of Billboard’s World of Women NFT magazine, invited a wide range of elite drag performers. She also invited future iconoclasts like Tokischa and Saucy Santana to help celebrate a month that sets apart dabblers from true bluesmen.

Reminiscing about the 2003 VMAs in NYC was made possible by a dembow remix of M’s top 10 Hot 100 hit “Hung Up.” Before Madonna sang “Hung Up,” Tokischa and Rosala sang “Linda.” The two—who had previously made hints at working together—started blending the songs, gyrating closer and closer until the inevitable make-out started. On the late-night programme, Tokischa bowed down before the Queen and thanked the musical forces that had paved the way. Following the surreal experience, Madonna made the joke, “Somebody’s got to do it.”

In NYC, Tokischa wasn’t the only newcomer. With the help of saucy Santana, Madonna effortlessly commanded a large audience while performing a mash-up of his DGAF single “Material Girl” and her No. 2 hit “Material Girl.”

Before Madonna took the stage, aerial performers Pixie Aventura, Violet Chachki, and another Drag Race winner, Bob the Drag Queen, performed to “Justify My Love.”

Rappers, drag queens, and members of Madonna’s family all joined her for a performance of the album’s title track before she left. If NYC Pride, post-COVID, hadn’t yet felt like a party, it did by the time Madonna left Terminal 5 on Thursday night, leaving the audience (fueled by Belvedere Vodka’s Madge-themed cocktails) eager for Pride weekend in New York City.


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