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Singer Ali Noor rejects all charges of se**xual harassment

Ali Noor, a well-known musician who has been accused of se**xual harassment by a journalist, has rejected all claims.

It was Friday when Ayesha Binte Rashid, a journalist, posted on Instagram. Later on Saturday, Noor apologised to Ayesha in a storey on his Instagram account.

On his social media account, the artist has clearly refuted all charges of se**xual harassment. “I am no se**xual abuser,” the singer said on his Instagram post, which included two anecdotes with the hashtag #stopmocheryofmetoo.

In one of his posts, he appears to have included a photo of his own grave with the caption:

“Ayesha Binte I am done being concerned about you. I sent you an apology for putting my entire life at stake and you have the audacity to not accept my heartfelt words.”

“I categorically reject any charges of se**xual harassment against me, which I never acknowledged to in the first place.” I wasn’t in a good mood to begin with. I’m working up the nerve to go on to the following word now. I feel no remorse at all. “I hope you find peace and a solution for my children,” he said towards the end.

He explic**itly said in another piece that he is not a se**xual abuser.


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