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SHO Police Station dance full Video gone Viral On Social Media

SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video Goes Viral On Social Media:

A Pakistani SHO has been suspended following the viral dance party video that went viral on social media. Faisal Town Police Station dance was where the video was taken. CCTV surveillance captured this party film. SHO was suspended after the Faisal Town Police Station video went viral on social media. In the footage, SHO Yasir Bashir Cheema is seen with Lady Sub-Inspector Mehwish and a private worker. Authorities took fast action after the video went viral on social media, and SHO Yasir Bashir Cheema was suspended by higher authorities.

Full hd Video of Faisal Town’s SHO Police Station dance

According to the report, a birthday celebration had been planned for the SHO’s chamber in the Faisal Town Police Station. On the SHO’s orders, a person was observed attempting to cover the camera with a piece of cloth, as shown on CCTV. If you watched the footage, you’ll notice that a person approached the camera and placed a cloth on it. Additionally, the video went blank for a period of time. They removed the camera’s cloth after the cake cutting was finished. Another person was visible in the video and told a crime reporter that it all happened at the police station.

This dance party turned out to be the previous SHO’s biggest blunder. He wasn’t required to leave his work if he didn’t join the Party. He’d blame himself for throwing the party in a different way. Cheema was suspended by the Deputy Inspector General (DGI) for Operations, Dr. Abid Khan. The DIG office keeps an eye on everything. After closely watching the situation, authorities were quickly notified, and the SHO was prosecuted. After becoming popular on social media, people began to troll prior SHOs.

Social media users, on the other hand, began to mock the video and offered numerous suggestions and answers to the SHO and authorities. On the popular video, some users made posts and videos.

This isn’t the first time police officers have acted in this manner, but it has never been exposed until now. As a result, citizens must be aware of everything that is going on in their immediate environment.

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