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Sheikh Danish’s viral video statement regarding the assault on Dr Khadija

In a video statement, Khadija, a medical student who was tortured by Sheikh Danish and his family, describes what happened. Sheikh Danish accepted Khadija’s sincere apologies and acknowledged her own guilt. Sheikh Danish is accused of using coercion and threats to compel the girl to make this statement.

Justice for Khadija, a girl who was tortured and humiliated in Faisalabad for rejecting a proposal

Twitter is trending with the hashtag #JusticeForKhadija as internet users call for justice for Khadija Mehmood, a Faisalabad-based BDS student who was tortured mentally and physically after declining a marriage proposal. On social media, the Faisalabad incident has become popular, and the accused have been called for to receive harsh punishment.

The Faisalabad girl, Khadija Mehmood, was brutally abused in the viral video while another woman’s voice could be heard in the background. As punishment for declining the father of her friend’s marriage proposal, the victim was also made to lick shoes, have her hair cut short, and have her eyebrows shaved.

According to the details, Ana Ali Sheikh’s father, Sheikh Danish, started showing interest in her and eventually proposed while Khadija Mehmood, the Faisalabad girl, was friends with her. She rejected the offer, though, and Sheikh Danish became enraged. He then exacted revenge on her.

The girl was taken hostage at gunpoint and taken to Sheikh Danish’s home in Paradise Valley on Sheikhupura Road in Faisalabad, according to the First Information Report (FIR). There, he allegedly tortured the girl physically and mentally.

The Faisalabad girl suffered from physical, se*xual, and mental abuse, including having her eyebrows and hair cut off. Additionally, while the accused was filming the entire incident and sharing the videos on social media, the girl was made to lick the accomplices’ shoes.

While further investigation is ongoing, the Punjab Police has detained five people connected to the Faisalabad incident, including Sheikh Danish, Faizan, Shoaib, Khan Muhammad, and Maham. The accused’s daughter Ana Ali Sheikh, who reportedly witnessed the abuse and torture, has not been detained, though.

The arrest and prosecution of Ana Ali Sheikh for aiding in her father’s torture of Khadija Mehmood is being demanded by the public. It is important to note that a photo of Ana Sheikh that has gone viral on social media shows her sporting the same pair of shoes that Khadija Mehmood was made to lick in the viral video.

Khadija Mehmood was also forced to perform se*xual acts according to the results of her medical tests, which further demonstrated that she had been tortured by the accused.

Twitter users have made #JusticeForKhadija one of the top trends, calling for Khadija Mehmood’s justice as well as harsh punishment for the offenders.

Who is the Faisalabad-based Sheikh Danish who attacked Khadija?


Sheikh Danish humiliated a girl from Faisalabad, according to her video statement.


Sheikh Danish was protected by police from the courtroom attack by lawyers.

When Sheikh Danish, the person who tortured the girl in Faisalabad, appeared in court, the lawyers tried to attack him; however, the police rescued him from the back door and fled.



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