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Sheikh Danish Ali And Ana Ali Beat Up Medical student Dr Khadija Full Video Goes Viral

Using the viral Sheikh Danish Ali video as justification, a powerful businessman and his family kidnapped and tortured a college student in Pakistan’s Faisalabad city.

The accused textile businessman’s daughter Ana Ali’s friend and classmate was the victim. Danish Ali is roughly the same age as the victim’s dad.

After Khadija, a BDS student refused to get married, Sheikh Danish Ali of Faisalabad and his daughter Ana Ali beat her and made her lick her shoes, resulting in a viral video.

On social media, a video of the girl’s crimes, including being made to lick shoes, has gone viral. causing a widespread outpouring of rage against the lawlessness and rampant misogyny in Pakistan.

The BDS student in her final year named Khadija was Ana’s friend and a frequent visitor. Danish started to feel something for Khadija, so he asked his daughter to propose to her. After Khadija declined his offer, Ana started sending the victim death threats. Khadija cut off all contact with Danish and his family after learning about these threats.

On August 9, Danish and his daughter entered Khadija’s house with a group of men and abducted Khadija and her brother.

She was subjected to extreme acts of abuse and humiliation by Danish, his daughter, and other family members, including having her hair cut and is made to lick their shoes, all while being filmed and later shared on social media.

The Statements Khadija, a Faisalabad medical student.

Khadija also alleges that Danish made her perform a sex act on him, which Danish recorded on video.

After a video of the victim being attacked and humiliated went viral on social media, six suspects were detained by police. Maham, the victim’s other female classmate, was also seen hitting and beating the victim.

The female medical student’s medical report revealed that she had suffered injuries to her face, eyes, elbows, and hands in addition to multiple bruises all over her body. She had a close shave on her head and brows. The accused allegedly threatened to post the girl’s video clips on social media if she didn’t pay PKR 10 lakhs, according to the FIR.

One of the main suspects, Ana, has not yet been found. As the video gained popularity, online users urged authorities to take action to stop the victim’s severe humiliation and the pervasive violence against women in Pakistan.

Before one of the perpetrators of gang rape in Pakistan in July was caught, the American vlogger fled from pillar to post.

Khadija’s latest viral video message sparks debate

The recent controversy surrounding Khadija, a Faisalabad medical student who was subjected to violent torture, has changed course.

In a video message that is making the rounds on social media, Khadija requests Danish, the alleged tormentor, to apologise and claims that she is recording the message while fully conscious. The Faisalabad medical student claimed that Danish had been incredibly kind to her and that because of some political issues, rumours were spreading that she was to blame for everything that had occurred. She expressed her shame and embarrassment over everything she had done. She even vowed never to act in such a way again.

The perpetrators, Ana Sheikh and her father Danish Sheikh, are thought to have put pressure on Khadija to produce this video so they could escape responsibility and shift all the blame to her.

Some people even contend that Khadija’s comments are illogical and that she only spoke as a result of intense pressure.

Others asserted that the message was recorded prior to the most recent incident.

Weapons and alcohol worth between Rs 50000 and Rs 80000 per bottle were found during the raid at the Sheikh’s home, which confirms the public’s perception that they are spoiled individuals high off in power and wealth. Furthermore, Khadija’s medical records provide unequivocal evidence of cruel torture.


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