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Shehnaaz Gill was spotted enjoying fun at the beach.

Even on Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz Gill was frequently spotted conversing with crows. Whenever she and Sidharth Shukla had a disagreement in the house. She used to pass the time by conversing with the birds. This is the first time since the death of Sidharth Shukla. When Shehnaaz Gill is spotted taking time off for herself.

Shahnaz Gill is back. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Shahnaz Gill, but when she tears, a lot of others cry with her. At the same time, as she chuckles, smiles arise on crores of faces. Shahnaz is also very concerned about her admirers. That’s why she keeps uploading joyful Instagram images from time to time, observing what makes her heart happy.

Shahnaz was spotted enjoying fun on the beach.

Shahnaz Gill has travelled a long way from Punjab to Mumbai. Shahnaz is one of those actors who has skyrocketed to new heights of popularity overnight. However, she has also worked hard on herself in order to achieve this. At the same time, a long-awaited video of Shahnaz smiling has emerged. Shahnaz can be seen having a good time on the beach in the video.

Shehnaaz Gill can be seen chasing after the birds resting on the beach in the brief video footage. As soon as Shahnaz attempts to contact her. She takes off from the earth and flies towards the sky. When she saw Shehnaaz’s childishness in the video, she remembered her fun-filled experiences on Bigg Boss 13. Shahnaz states at the end of the video that she is ‘weary.’ Along with this, she wrote in the caption, ‘I wish I could fly too.’

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