Shaista Lodhi slams Nadia Khan over the Sharmila Faruqui Issue

Shaista Lodhi has slammed fellow anchor Nadia Khan over the Sharmila Farooqi debacle.

Shaista Lodhi gave an interview in which she answered some fascinating questions regarding Nadia Khan and expressed her thoughts about her co-host.

Shaista stated that while she considers Nadia Khan to be the morning show queen, her programme is more popular among the general public. When questioned about the recent dispute Nadia had with Sharmila Farooqui, in which Nadia Khan reportedly mocked Sharmila’s style in a video with Sharmila’s mother Anisa Farooqi, Shaista stated that Nadia is not’masoom’ either.

Last month, TV programme host Nadia Khan found herself in deep water again, this time for filming a video with Anisa Faruqi, the mother of PPP politician Sharmila Faruqi, in which she “complimented” her cosmetics and sense of style.

Sharmila termed Nadia’s Khan video clip with her mother a farce and claimed she will sue Khan for it, filing a case with the FIA.

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