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Shahbaz Gill breaks down in tears while being held by Islamabad police.

Shahbaz Gill, a senior PTI leader, was transferred from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to an Islamabad district and sessions court at 7:30 am on Friday under tight security measures for a hearing on the sedition charge brought against him.

Gill exited the medical center’s back gate in a wheelchair and with an oxygen mask on due to breathing difficulties. According to a Geo News reporter who was present at the court, he was coughing in the ambulance. To keep an eye on Gill’s health, a doctor was with him.

Before the formal proceedings began, Gill’s attorney Faisal Chaudhry went to check on him as well.

How can he go to the second floor in this condition, the lawyer remarked when questioned.

Media outlets are disseminating a video of Gill sobbing and claiming he can’t breathe after being taken out of the ambulance.

In response to rumors that Gill’s mask had been stolen, the correspondent claimed that because of crowding, Gill’s mask had been taken off his face.

Gill requested the court to return his mask during the hearing.

For the love of God, please return my mask to me.

The judge then inquired if he intended to remain, to which Gill replied that he would if given his mask.

Later, Gill’s oxygen tank was also brought to court.

Watch as Shahbaz Gill whimpers while traveling to court.


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