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Shahbaz Gill appears healthy in his most recent video from PIMS hospital.

According to Marriyum Aurangzeb Shahbaz Gill of PTI shares video evidence that he was not tortured.

On Saturday, PTI leader Imran Khan and party members were criticized for using the media to spread “fake propaganda” about Shahbaz Gill.

The information minister, speaking at a press conference in the federal capital, released videos of Gill, who is presently receiving treatment at PIMS Hospital, demonstrating that the PTI leader is “perfectly fine” and that Imran Khan’s chief of staff bears no signs of torture.

Marriyum claimed that over the past three days, “false propaganda” has been disseminated on social media in the form of “false” videos of Gill that purport to show him being tortured while he was imprisoned.

She reaffirmed the assertions made by the coalition government, claiming that Gill, acting under the direction of the party leader, beeped the private news channel and received the script from Khan as well.

The videos being shared on social media are fake, and there hasn’t been any violence, she added, noting that they actually show the man who was charged with rape in Chakwal.

Gill’s staging of propaganda as soon as he saw the camera was made fun of by the information minister. She declared, accusing PTI of trying to change the story, “This video is fake and he wasn’t tortured.”

Aurangzeb stated that the reports of him being sexually assaulted were “fake” and that a case had been filed against Gill in accordance with the law.

Latest Shahbaz Gill’s viral video from PIMS hospital, looks good

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