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Senator Pervaiz Rashid’s Private Conversation Sparks Outrage on Social Media

Internet Reacts to Senator Parvez Rashid's Leaked Video Call

In a shocking turn of events, Pervaiz Rashid, a seasoned Pakistani politician affiliated with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), finds himself embroiled in controversy following the alleged leak of a video showing him engaged in inappropriate activities with an unidentified woman. This incident has taken social media by storm, with the hashtag #leaked trending and sparking widespread condemnation.

Political Journey:

Pervaiz Rashid’s political journey has been marked by significant twists and turns. Having initially started his career with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), he later joined the PML-N and became a stalwart figure within the party. His association with the Sharif Brothers, prominent figures in Pakistani politics, further solidified his position within the party ranks.

Challenges Faced:

Rasheed faced a tumultuous period in 1999 when he spent time in prison during General Pervez Musharraf’s leadership. Despite the challenges, he continued his political career and even assumed the role of Chairman of the Television Corporation in 1997, showcasing his resilience in the face of adversity.

Controversial Video Emerges:

The recent controversy surrounding Pervaiz Rasheed stems from a leaked video that purportedly shows him on a video call with an unidentified woman engaged in immoral activities. The scandal comes hot on the heels of a similar incident involving PTI Senator Azam Swati, contributing to the growing concern over the invasion of privacy and the moral fabric of society.

Denial and Condemnation:

In response to the leaked video, Pervaiz Rasheed vehemently denied its authenticity, labeling the clips as fake. However, his political rivals, including leaders from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), condemned the incident. Shehbaz Gill, a close aide of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, emphasized the importance of respecting everyone’s dignity and privacy, regardless of their political affiliations.

Political Conspiracy Allegations:

Senior PTI leader Hammad Azhar suggested that the leaked video could be a strategic move by the incumbent government to discredit PML-N leaders. This theory aligns with ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s claim that his political opponents were using ‘deep fake technology’ to create obscene videos and tarnish his image.


As the controversy surrounding Pervaiz Rasheed unfolds, it underscores the challenges faced by politicians in the age of social media and technology. The incident raises questions about privacy, ethical standards, and the potential use of technology for political gains. While the authenticity of the leaked video remains disputed, its impact on the political landscape and public perception is undeniable. As the situation develops, it prompts a broader conversation about the intersection of politics, technology, and personal privacy in the modern era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Pervaiz Rasheed Video Controversy

Q: Who is Pervaiz Rasheed, and what is the controversy surrounding him?

A: Pervaiz Rasheed is a PML-N politician in Pakistan. He is embroiled in a controversy involving a leaked video allegedly showing him engaging in inappropriate activities with an unidentified woman.

Q: How has Pervaiz Rasheed responded to the allegations in the leaked video?

A: Pervaiz Rasheed has strongly denied the authenticity of the video, dismissing it as fake and a deliberate attempt to tarnish his reputation.

Q: Is there a suggestion of political conspiracy in this controversy?

A: Yes, there are hints of a political conspiracy. Some suggest the leaked video may be a strategy by the incumbent government to discredit PML-N leaders.

Q: What broader issues does this controversy raise?

A: The incident raises concerns about privacy, ethical standards, and the potential misuse of technology in politics, impacting public trust in political figures and the democratic process.

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