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Sedat Peker, Cem Kucuk Viral Video Tape on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit

Sedat Peker, a Turkish gangster based in Dubai, has been ordered by the government of the United Arab Emirates to stop posting videos on Twitter from his secondary account, which he set up after being barred by authorities last year. On Thursday, June 23, 2022, a Turkish newspaper also covered this news. However, rumours about his son’s video Viral also started to circulate. There are numerous unfounded rumours going around that a video of Sedat Peker’s son is popular on social media. However, there is no official statement, report, or similar information.

Video of Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk

He has been prohibited from posting on Twitter for almost a year, but he has since started using his secondary Twitter account to share videos, just like he did before. The UAE government issued a warning to him for sharing videos on Twitter for this reason. He attracted millions of people to Turkey in 2021 after publishing a series of videos on YouTube alleging corruption against senior or well-known officials, including Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and businessmen. Sedat Peker declared war on the corruption in the government and asserted that the current administration was complicit in high-level drug trafficking. Please scroll down the page to see more information.


Viral Video Tape of Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk

However, a Turkish gangster operating out of Dubai was prohibited from uploading and sharing videos on social media in June of last year when he was apprehended by Emirati authorities and questioned at the same time that Abu Dhabi and Ankara were discussing a settlement. However, they have returned and have resumed their previous behaviour. The Sedat Peker crew established a Twitter account with the handle Deli Cavus, which translates to Crazy Sergeant.

Explanation of the Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Video

Deli Cavus’ primary goal is to disparage the government and charge it with corruption. Sedat Peker asserted earlier in the week that the Turkish government would continue to hold power even if it failed to win the elections scheduled for June. Additionally, he added that he would make clear his thoughts prior to the election’s outcome. For more information, keep checking back and visiting this website.

In recent years, Sedat Peker, the head of the Turkish Mafia and a whistleblower, has attained great fame. When one of his videos was shared on social media, he became well-known. A child uploaded the video to social media. The Sedat Peker video that went viral on social media discusses individuals who identify as gay. The altercation between Cem Kucuk and Sedat Peker is depicted in this video. The young person posted a video about Cem Kucuk, the IHLAS’s director.

Cem Kucuk claims in one of the videos that Sedat Peker was humiliating him and that he had nothing significant to say or do. Earlier, a video of Rasim Kaan Aytou, the CEO of Hlas and a deputy candidate for the AKP, with some individuals was Viral . According to the sources, Sedat Peker was identified as the offender in a preplanned crime group after the investigation was completed regarding the photos of a famous person engaging in some sexual activity that were Viral on social media.

According to other reports, the CEO of the Turkish media company, who is also an AKP legislator, is the person who gained notoriety in the photos engaging in illegal activity. The video has drawn a lot of attention from internet users, but some of them have also criticised it, arguing that it is inappropriate to post videos of this nature, which show people’s private lives in action, on websites or social media.

Viral of the Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Story

The video clip that went viral on social media is rated 18+ and it features three people engaging in se*xual activity with one another. The person who posted this video was actually an anonymous user posing as Sedat Peker. Rasim Khan Aytou, the CEO of IHLAS, had his photos posted online when the IHLAS video went viral on social media. Rasim Khan is going viral because he is one of the three people who are visible in the viral video.


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