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SC**ANDAL: Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Model Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit

We all know that there are a lot of trending topics on social media and the internet that end up in LimeLight. So here it is again: the infamous and disgusting Porta potties video. The rich Dubai guys message famous influencers and female models eating their p**p in this type of video. They offer them a substantial sum of money in exchange for this heinous act. Many models and influencers have freely agreed to participate in this type of activity. They are treated as slaves by the wealthy, who force them to do whatever they want. These types of videos are quickly becoming popular on Tik Tok, and many people are searching the Internet for more information about them.

Viral Video of a Dubai Porta Potty on Instagram

We’re here to provide you with as much information as possible about this type of viral video, so stay tuned with us for the latest on the motor and freelancers involved in this disgusting video. As we previously stated, you are a wealthy Dubai resident who offers full payment to influencers and social media models to complete their fetish. The rich Dubai guys, according to a content creator, are disgusting because they make videos in which girls get p**p on their faces and some of them eat it. This type of video is seen by someone with guts and a desire to watch disgusting videos.

What Does The Term “Porta Potty” Mean?

According to reports, wealthy Arab men pay nearly a million dollars to get P**p on their faces, or to put it another way, to sit on their mouths. Yes, you read that correctly: this kind of person is disgusting. Many videos and pictures of this type of attempt have been taken down from various social media sites, and no one promotes this type of video. We advise you not to look for the videos because they are truly disgusting.

Dubai’s Porta Potty Goes Viral

You will definitely vomit after watching that type of video, and now it has made it into the trending viral section yet again. Because many people consider it to be a racist act. Because everyone in the video mentions Arabs and Dubai men, but a resident of Dubai claims that we are not like this, and that this is completely racist toward Dubai men. Many people claim that it is unclear whether the person doing the disgusting at Dubai is a person or not in the video. In this type of video, there are no Arab men involved.

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