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Sana Javed’s attitude is revealed by makeup artist Rhyan Thomas.

Following in the footsteps of model Manal Saleem and make-up artist Omayr Waqar, celebrity stylist Rhyan Thomas has spoken out about actress Sana Javed’s attitude issues.

Celebrity, fashion, and makeup artist Rhyan Thomas took to social media with a series of rants against the actress’ bad attitude, just a day after famous architect, art director, and model Manal Saleem ranted on social media about her terrible working experience with the Dunk actress.

After two years, the artist shared his storey with a caption that read, ‘This is Sana Javed for you.’ He described how he was in Dubai in 2020 for his sister’s wedding when Sana Javed and Sadaf Kanwal both approached him for makeup for the PISA Awards in a series of posts.

He did go to their hotel, where all the celebrities were staying, at their request. Javed, he claims, went for a hot bath when he arrived in her room because she was suffering from a severe migraine and he had to wait an hour for her. She wanted to extend her bath time by two hours by smoking’sheesha’ in the hotel lobby with other celebrities.

Rhyan Thomas, who was waiting for the actress, revealed that he was in constant contact with Sadaf Kanwal, who was also waiting. Javed rushed into the artist’s hotel room and bugged him for not doing his work properly, not only did she misbehave, but she also snatched his cellphone and handed it over to the hotel management. He was basically held hostage in Javed’s room, according to the artist.

After all, the actress chastised the artist for wasting her time and failed to thank him for the favour he extended to her by nearly missing his own sister’s wedding.

He also emphasised that just because makeup artists are nice doesn’t change the fact that they’re the ones who make you look good on the outside. From clients to models, Thomas believes that everyone should be treated as a human being.

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