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Sana Javed’s appearance in the ‘Rang Rasiya’ Eid Campaign is cancelled.

Last week, actress Sana Javed made headlines after a number of media personalities criticised her for her bad attitude.

After Manal Nadeem, Omyr Waqar, Ikram Gohar, Rhyan Thomas, Anila Murtaza, Wajid Khan, Hanish Qureshi, and others revealed shocking details about Sana Javed’s obnoxious behaviour on set, the issue quickly became a “Hot Topic” on social media.

In a major development, the brand ‘Rang Rasiya’ has cancelled Sana Javed and stated in a statement that it has disassociated itself from the Dunk actress who was the main face of their upcoming Eid campaign.

According to the brand’s official statement, her interaction with model Manal Nadeem and her crew occurred during their Eid Campaign photoshoot, and the entire incident was upsetting for the brand. The brand, on the other hand, has stated that this is the primary reason for its separation from Javed.

According to the brand’s statement, another celebrity shot the Eid campaign. Many people have praised the brand’s decision, claiming that it demonstrates the power of the public, and that raising one’s voice at the right time is always important.

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