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Russia/Ukraine: Vladimir Putin News of the War

We’re all looking for the latest Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine conflict news right now. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a military campaign in Ukraine via a broadcast announcement. Following that, on Thursday, he started an invasion of Ukraine, posing a significant threat to the Ukrainian people.

Furthermore, it has become a worldwide crisis. You can get real-time updates on the Ukraine-Russia crisis right here.

Russia/Ukraine: Vladimir Putin News of the War

The Russian military invaded Ukraine by land, air, and water, as reported in the previous article. They are shooting missiles at residents and soldiers in cities and military locations. However, Vladimir Putin stated that they do not intend to occupy Ukraine. As part of his proclamation, he wants to demilitarise and ‘denazify’ Ukraine.

The table below will give you a sense of what happened.

Attacker Russian forces
Defender Ukraine
War start date 24 February, 2022
First strike city Kyiv

Ukraine has been hit by Russia. Ukraine claims 40 lives were lost.

On Thursday, broad forces began striking Ukraine from three sides, after President Vladimir Putin’s vow that he would commence a military action against the country. The situation in Ukraine was truly dreadful, and the country’s citizens were being assaulted on a vast scale. Around 40 people were murdered as a result of the incident, according to the eastern European country. Russia’s primary purpose, according to the Ukrainian presidency, is to destroy the country. In addition to the 40 troops, a few civilians (up to 10) were killed.

Protests by anti-war activists in Moscow

Marina Litvinovich, a Russian anti-war activist, was jailed in Moscow on Thursday after speaking out against Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. She calls for anti-war rallies when Russia launches a large military offensive against Ukraine.

Marina, according to some sources, was calling on everyone in Russia to come to the streets at noon local time to oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (7:00 pm). She was seized in Moscow while leaving her home shortly after her protest.

Russia is impossible to lock up: the Kremlin

On Thursday, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that shutting down Russia behind an iron wall was impossible. When Russian President Vladimir Putin authorised a military operation against Ukraine, the West, backed by the United States, promised to retaliate with harsher sanctions. Joe Biden, the US Vice President, has strongly denounced Russia’s actions. It was a “unprovoked” and “unjustified” strike on Ukraine, he said. Then he desired a “united and decisive” response from the US and its allies.

“It is simply impossible to isolate such a nation as Russia with an iron wall,” Peskov stated when questioned about the prospect of Russia being placed behind an iron curtain as a result of its activities in Ukraine.

There are no plans for Nato troops to be sent.

The alliance’s Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, criticised Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stated during a press conference that NATO has no soldiers in Ukraine. He has also stated that no soldiers would be sent into the nation, and NATO forces will be stationed in the eastern part of the alliance on NATO territory. Furthermore, he admitted that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) will go to any length to protect the alliance’s Ukraine from assault.


The Russian-Ukraine conflict is still going on, and this occurrence has stunned the entire globe. We’ll be back with a lot more live updates on this catastrophe. So keep your eyes peeled for updates on our website.

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