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Russia and Ukraine military power Comparison, including army and weapon details

Power Comparison: Russia vs. Ukraine

Russia launched a multi-pronged operation against Ukraine’s military infrastructure and major cities, including air and missile attacks as well as ground forces. Ukraine was thus forced to defend itself on a number of fronts, claiming that its frailty exacerbated its inferiority.

Researchers have discovered evidence of a malware attack that had been planned for three months. Hundreds of computers, including those in Latvia and Lithuania, were infected with the software, which erased data. Russia has also undertaken cyber-attacks against Ukrainian government websites and allied organisations.

Ukraine was unprepared for war when Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. According to the Atlantic Council, it lacks the manpower, equipment, and training necessary to defend against Russian attack. Except for a few weapons, its logistics stocks were primarily Soviet-era commodities. In recent years, Ukraine has concentrated on modernising its military, but decades of neglect have made this impossible.

Military comparison between Russia and Ukraine

  • The Russian army has roughly 280,000 soldiers, and the country’s entire armed forces number around 900,000.
  • Ukraine has a total of 196,600 active military personnel, with 125,600 ground forces, 35,000 air troops, and 15,000 navy units.
  • Over 100,000 Russian troops are currently stationed near Russia’s Ukrainian border.
  • By more than three to one, Russia’s battle tanks outweigh Ukraine’s.
  • Russia has about 4,100 aircraft, including 772 fighters, whereas Ukraine has only 318 total aircraft, including 69 fighters.
  • Ukraine only possesses roughly 2,600 tanks and 12,000 armoured vehicles, but Russia has around 12,500 tanks and more than 30,000 armoured vehicles.
  • Ukraine has little over 3,000 towed and self-propelled artillery guns, while Russia has over 14,000 towed and self-propelled artillery guns.
  • According to Global Fire Power, Russia’s military spending in 2020 will be more than ten times that of Ukraine’s $5.9 billion.

Let’s look at more facts:

Russian Armed Forces Ukrainian Army
Armed Forces Total 900,000 196,600
Artillery 7571 2040
Armoured Vehicles 30122 12303
Tanks 12420 2596
Attack helicopters 544 34
Fighter/Attack aircraft 1511 98
Military spending, of govt spending $61.7bn $5.9bn

Ukraine’s Nuclear Weapons

Despite the fact that Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons today, it once had around 5,000 nuclear bombs. Before 1991, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, which explains the current scenario. All satellites and states that had been forcedly linked to the USSR gained many warheads as a result of its disintegration. They were originally owned by the Soviet Union. After becoming independent, Ukraine, on the other hand, got everything that belonged to the Soviet Union, including nuclear weapons. As a result, Ukraine has surpassed Russia as the world’s third-largest nuclear-weapons possessor.

Ukraine’s military might and NATO’s backing

Although the Ukrainian army is smaller than the Russian force, it is supported by NATO’s Western Defense Force.

The US will not send soldiers to Ukraine, but it will send 3,000 additional troops to Poland and Romania to bolster NATO forces.

Ukraine has also put another 8,500 troops on high alert.

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