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Rivaaj Web Series on PrimeShots App, Story, Actress, Release Date, Trailer, Full Episode Download

If you’ve seen the trailer for Rivaaj and are wondering who the cast of the web series is, you’re in luck. PrimeShots App’s Rivaaj Web Series will premiere on October 15, 2023, on PrimeShots App. are established. You can find all the details about the cast of the Rivaaj Web Series in this article.

Rivaaj Web Series on PrimeShots App – Storyline

Soon there will be an update to the plot.

Rivaaj Web Series on PrimeShots App – Cast list

Aliya Naaz and Jinnie Jaaz play the lead in the Hindi drama, romance, and fantasy web series Rivaaj from PrimeShots App.

Aliya Naaz
Jinnie Jaaz

Rivaaj Web Series on PrimeShots App – Release Date

PrimeShots App is presenting this web series. The Rivaaj web series will debut on October 15, 2023. This web series has 4 episodes available on the PrimeShots App, but you must have a PrimeShots App subscription to watch them.

Rivaaj Web Series on PrimeShots App – Official Trailer youtube

FAQ for Rivaaj Web Series

What is the actress’s name from the web series Rivaaj?

The lead actress in the Rivaaj Web Series is Aliya Naaz, Jinnie Jaaz.

Availability of the Rivaaj Web Series?

The Rivaaj web series is scheduled to premiere on October 15, 2023.

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