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Registration for the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program is now open – apply online.

The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) is currently accepting applications, and youth can apply online in just a few minutes. Youth will be able to learn important skills in the world of freelancing and become self-sufficient as a result of the programme.

Training Program for Freelancers in Pakistan (PFTP)

The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) is the country’s largest initiative aimed at providing free skill development training to the country’s youth. The programme was created with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT) in mind, and it offers cutting-edge training to aspiring freelancers in all of the country’s provinces.

The programme is a fantastic opportunity for young people to get hands-on training on valuable courses taught by industry experts, which will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to become self-sufficient by earning money online through freelancing platforms.

The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) is now accepting applications, and young people can apply online for free with just a Rs. 2500 registration fee for each course. This post explains the entire registration process for the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) for the benefit of our readers.


Under the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program, a total of five modules are available (PFTP). The following modules are included in this set:

  • Technical Domain
  • Non-Technical Domain
  • Creative Domain
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Emerging Technologies

However, the module includes a number of courses, including the following:

  • Website Development
    • Full Stack Web Development
    • Front-End Development
    • WordPress & Magento With HTML5 and CSS 3
    • React.JS
    • Laravel with PHP
    • Mern Stack
  • Apps Development
    • Android Development
    • iOS Development
  • Emerging Technologies
    • AWS Solutions Architect
    • Python
    • Data Science
    • Cybersecurity
    • Certified Ethical Hacker
    • Penetration Testing
    • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
    • Artificial Intelligence With Python
    • Cloud Computing
    • Internet Of Things
    • Robotics
  • Account and Marketing
    • Brand Management
    • Excel Basic
    • Quick Book
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Fundamental Of UI And UX
  • Video Editing and Designing
    • Excel Advance
    • Professional Logo Designing
    • Graphic Designing
    • Video Editing
  • Freelancing Track
    • Freelancing
    • English Language
    • Content Writing
    • Email Writing
    • MS Office Basics
    • E-Commerce
    • Amazon Virtual Assistant

The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) also offers advanced courses in the following areas:

  • Amazon
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Python with Django
  • Freelancing
  • Video Editing and Production
  • Android Development

It’s worth noting that the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program will issue you a completion certificate upon successful completion of the above-mentioned courses (PFTP).

What are the requirements for completing a course?

To be eligible for a Certificate, trainees must achieve a 60 percent score on the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) course completion criteria. Each component (Video, Quiz, and Hands-on Exercise) is assigned a percentage of a total score of 100, as shown below:

  • Watching Topic Videos through LMS = 50%
  • Quizzes = 25%
  • Assignments = 15%
  • Hands on Excercise = 10%

After successfully completing the course, trainees will receive certificates.

Are PFTP Courses Available for Free?

The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) provides free courses; however, each course requires a small registration fee of Rs. 2500. This will most likely help weed out non-serious candidates, allowing more attention to be paid to those who have come to learn something.

Criteria for Eligibility

The Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) requires a minimum of matriculation education, as well as basic computer skills and the ability to understand basic English. Everyone who meets the requirements is encouraged to participate in the training and take advantage of the courses, according to PFTP.

How to Apply for a Freelance Training Program in Pakistan

Follow these simple steps to apply for the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) on their website,

  1. Go to and register yourself as a new applicant by clicking on Create an account.
  2. After signing up, go to the login page and enter your login credentials (email and password).
  3. Click on create a profile
  4. Fill out the application form
  5. Your application will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.
  6. Pay the fee and start learning

Duration of the course

Each course has a three-month duration.

How do you prepare for the PFTP?

Each module’s videos and learning materials will be available on the Online Learning Platform. You can either self-pace the training or study according to the timetable that will be available on the Portal.

Will the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) provide employment opportunities?

Yes, the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) will provide trainees with jobs; however, it will also provide them with skill-based training that will enable them to obtain projects from freelance markets or be sufficient for them to obtain jobs internationally.

Information on how to contact us

If you have any questions, please call 0303-4321118 / 0318-4321118 or email

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