Ranveer Singh strips off for a magazine shoot viral on Twitter, Reddit

It featured a Bollywood star and some nud*e photos. Ranveer Singh has frequently drawn attention for his daring fashion choices, but now that he has abandoned clothing entirely, everyone’s attention is on him.

“It’s so simple for me to be physically nak*ed , but I’ve been damn f-ing nak*ed in some of my performances. My f-ing soul is visible to you. What a nak*ed picture! That is truly being nak*ed. I don’t care if I am exposed in front of a thousand people. Simply put, they become uneasy, he explained.

He definitely wasn’t joking; in fact, the man is so nak*ed in the pictures that we had to carefully crop them to protect your eyes from the angled shadows. He was also correct about the response; many people were indeed put off by the photos. The majority of people turned to memes as a way of processing, and a lot of gold in the form of laughs resulted.

In response to Ranveer Singh’s nud*e photo shoot, Mimi Chakraborty

Mimi Chakraborty, a politician and actor from Bengal, posted a response to Ranveer Singh’s recent magazine photoshoot on Twitter. She reacted to the positive response the actor’s provo*cative photos received on social media and pondered whether a woman posing in comparable images would receive the same reaction.

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