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Rangili Ragini Web Series Voovi App All HD Episodes

Voovi is a new OTT platform that was recently released. The app was created a long time ago, but due to technical issues and glitches, it was not released until now. The app is brand new, and the first web series is now available. Rangili Ragini is the title of the web series, which will be the first on the Voovi platform. The series is also available on the platform, and the trailer was released a long time ago. With the release of its first erotic web series, the platform is making a bold move into the OTT space. Following that, the platform is expected to release more back-to-back web series.

As shown in the first series, the app can compete with small streaming platforms such as Ullu and other platforms. The app allows users to subscribe to yearly, monthly, and half-year plans.

All Episodes of the Rangili Ragini Web Series

The app is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Rangili Ragini is an erotic drama that will showcase the main character’s sensual and ph***ysical relationship with both men and women. Ragini is a young woman who is not always sensually active but desires daily intercourse. Mishti Basu plays the main character Ragini, and SSK is the Web series’ director. Rakhi Rawat, Zaid Ahmad Khan, and Ravi Kumar join Mishti in the cast. The trailer opens with Ragini staring at him and telling his friend that he wants to date her.

Rangili Ragini Web Series: Cast and Release Date

His friend informs him that the girl is troublesome and has had previous relationships. She is in relationships with both men and women. After that, the trailer shows the lead actress saying that she is unsatisfied with any man or woman she has dated. After that, the trailer ends with some erotic scenes. The web series will be available on the platform beginning May 9, 2022, and on the Voovi app.

The drama features many erotic scenes and features the lead actor in a bold role. Subscriptions to the platform’s subscriptions, which are available on a monthly, yearly, and six-month basis, can be used to stream the web series. The drama is primarily an adult drama with a sensual plot.

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