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Rakhi Sawant’s viral dance video with her beau Adil Khan went viral.

Dance performance by Rakhi Sawant and her beau Adil Khan Internet users query whether Rakhi is adding more silicone or removing it just before her procedure goes viral.

Rakhi Sawant knows how to be in the spotlight, whether it be in her personal or professional life. Rakhi most recently released a video while being treated in a hospital. She is seen dancing with her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani in the video, which she captioned, “Dance doesn’t leave me in any condition#Hospital pre surgery dance…!” What surgery???? Sofia Hayat, a friend of hers, asked. I am wishing you well and send prayers. Nothing will fail.

You have Adil and your health; your life is going as planned. Additionally, Nisha Rawal wrote, “Cutie pls recover soon.” However, some internet users made amusing remarks like, “My question is rakhi is removing the silicone or putting more…. surgery baba surgery,” “Adil can dance sala la la,” and “Konsi surgery baki hai??? ‘Ab kaha silicon’ and ‘Tabiyat to thik lag rahi h apki???’ are a couple examples. more information and updates,

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