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Rakhi Sawant kissed her husband Ritesh in public.

Bigg Boss 15’s final round preparations are in full swing. A slew of celebrities will also take the stage to add to the spectacle. In which X competitors and winners will be featured. Rakhi Sawant, who was just expelled from Bigg Boss, is one such competitor. Rakhi Sawant will perform with her husband Ritesh at the Bigg Boss finale. During this time, as soon as Rakhi stepped off the Bigg Boss set, the media swarmed her. Rakhi blatantly liplocked Ritesh during a press conference, stunning everyone.

Two Rakhi videos are becoming viral on social media. Rakhi and Ritesh are seen conversing with the media in the first video. During this time, she was photographed wearing spectacles to Ritesh and referring to him as “the Rajinikanth of Bollywood.” However, she kisses Ritesh at the request of the paparazzi in the second video. Ritesh hesitated a little while this, but Rakhi kissed Ritesh while holding him.

Rakhi didn’t stop there; she liplocked Ritesh once more. This liplock video of both of them is becoming popular on social media. There are also a lot of amusing comments on the video. ‘After imparting so much knowledge to Karan and Tejo… what is happening Rakhi Maa…?’ questioned one person. ‘Mother was like BB1 5 me,’ I remarked. As a consequence, another member replied, ‘Sab is the effect of Salman’s dosage.’ Aside from that, someone recalled Rakhi’s comment and inquired, ‘Pramantha mil gaya kya?’

Let us inform you that when Rakhi Sawant was a Bigg Boss contestant, RJ Palak and RJ Karan questioned her and Ritesh’s marriage and asked Rakhi, “How would you and Ritesh’s relationship be outside the show?” Rakhi responded by saying that if her and Ritesh’s marriage is recognised as legal, they would stay together; otherwise, they will split.

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