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Raj Kundra finally speaks out about his pornography case

Raj Kundra, who was arrested earlier this year in a pornographic case and then released on bond, broke his silence on Monday. According to him, he has never been involved in the creation or distribution of pornographic content.

In a comment posted on social media, Shilpa Shetty’s husband stated that the entire episode was a “witch hunt.”

Last Monday, the Supreme Court granted Raj protection from arrest. In connection with a criminal complaint brought against him for allegedly spreading pornographic videos.

On Monday, Kundra said,

“After considerable thought, considering there are many incorrect claims and articles flying about. My quiet has been misunderstood as weakness.” I’d like to state unequivocally that I’ve never been involved in the creation or distribution of pornography in my life.”

“This entire episode has felt like a witch hunt.” Because the case is pending, I am unable to elaborate, but I am prepared to stand trial and have complete faith in the judicial system, where the truth will win.”

Kundra said that the media had already proclaimed him guilty. His family and he have gone through a lot (ongoing). This is a serious infringement of his human and constitutional rights.

“Trolling, vitriol, and a negative public reputation have been crippling. To be clear, I do not cover my face in shame. But, I do wish that my private life was no longer invaded by this ongoing MEDIA TRIAL. My family has always been my top focus; at this point, nothing else mattered “

he stated.

Raj finished by saying,

“he feels it is everyone’s intrinsic right to live with dignity, and he has asked for it.”

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