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Quin69 on Twitter, Has Spent Over $18,000 on Diablo Immortal

Quin69, a streamer from New Zealand, recently made headlines for spending NZ10,000 ($AU8973) on Diablo Immortal but not finding a single 5-star Legendary Gem. Despite this, he isn’t giving up.

Since publishing his first round of headlines, Quin has spent an additional $NZ10,000 on legendary crests in an effort to calculate the drop rate. Despite investing (as of this writing) close to $NZ21,000 ($AU18,845) in a personal cause that is undoubtedly turning his accountant’s hair white, Quin still doesn’t have a single Legendary Gem to his name.

Who on Twitter is Quin69?

Quin’s determination to expose the predatory nature of Diablo Immortal’s player-based revenue model is what keeps him from giving up. The community is already well aware that the game has been designed to extract as much money as possible from them at every level, but the specific method by which the numbers have been weighted is still unclear.

As Quin69 explained to us in our previous conversation, the best end-game gear in Diablo Immortal needs Legendary Gems to have its stats upgraded. The 5-star gems are the strongest, most valuable, and rarest gems. Six 5-star Legendary Gems are required to fully optimise a post-game kit.

This discovery is in line with information that GameRant published last week and suggested the pity system in Diablo Immortal wasn’t quite up to par. In order to give players a way to guarantee that a Legendary Gem will drop, the pity mechanism was created. The agreement, as it was previously understood, allowed players who gathered 50 Legendary Crests to make a sacrifice in exchange for a 5-star Legendary Gem. That, however, is not what is happening. As stated in the game’s fine print, you are not promised a 5-star Legendary Gem. Instead, you’ve secured a Legendary Gem with a rating of five stars.

But it’s still a game of chance. The possibility of receiving a 1-star Gem after burning 50 Legendary Crests is so aggravating that it itches my skin even in theory.

What happens to Quin69 after that? It costs $20 000 in gems, but even without them, it has astronomically strong potential. With his current gear, Quin69 can slash through opponents and engage in PvP, which has given rise to the occasional boast. His chat is quick to point out that he didn’t get there alone, flooding the chat box with “Well compensated” comments.

It will be fascinating to see how far Quin can push this cause before his credit card is stolen.

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