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PTI urges caution when leaking Imran Khan’s phone calls.

Shireen Mazari claims that the current administration has violated the Supreme Court’s decision by tapping phones.

Shireen Mazari, a key official in the PTI, issued a warning on Monday, saying the party would “not sit silently” if Chairman Imran Khan’s phone conversations with his principal secretary Azam Khan were revealed.

Ansar Abbasi sahab, has posted on a blog that an audio of former prime minister Imran Khan’s phone call on a secure line with his principle secretary Azam Khan will be leaked, Mazari claimed during a news conference while being accompanied by Fawad Chaudhry.

Mazari issued his warning following the reported release of an audio recording of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi telling Dr. Arsalan Khalid, the PTI Chairman for Digital Media, to run trends against their competitors on social media, branding them traitors.

As the conversation between a prime minister and his principal secretary is protected by law, according to Mazari, leaking such tape would be against the official secrets statute.

“…if a journalist releases information, they are breaking both the Official Secrets Act and Article 14 of the Constitution. Watch out, if something occurs we won’t sit silently,” he said.

The senior vice president of PTI further claimed that the current administration participated in phone tapping, which she claimed violated a Supreme Court decision.

The court stated in its ruling from the late 1990s that an individual’s right to privacy under Article 14 extended beyond of their home or place of employment and included public spaces as well.

There have been allegations that the government is tapping phones, according to Mazari. The Benazir Bhutto case’s Supreme Court banned phone tapping. But despite the Supreme Court’s directive, phone tapping continues.

The PTI leader urged on the supreme court to take a suo-motu notice on the case as the action contradicts the top court’s decision, casting doubt on the reasons behind phone tapping.

The real issue is phone tapping.
Bushra Bibi and Dr. Arsalan Khalid’s tape of their conversation was released, and Mazari commented on it, saying that “no substantive” talk was present and that “the main problem here is of phone tapping.”

As the “plot” against the PTI chairman allegedly emerged, Mazari remarked, “One wonders how much did the US help in tapping the phones.”

The PTI leader continued by claiming that the purported conspiracy’s “handlers” are now frightened of the party because of its extensive power displays across the nation.

The PTI has been organising back-to-back protests in several places as it continues to reject the coalition government and assert that it was installed through a plot backed by the United States.

Mazari claimed that the government now has a number of difficult duties to complete because of its ongoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to restart the loan programme.

As Pakistan struggles to renew the programme, the former minister for human rights declared, “The government is in trouble as the IMF is pushing for responsibility for corruption.”

The “neutrals and the government,” according to Mazari, were unable to uncover any proof of Khan’s corruption.

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