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PTI Sadaqat Ali Abbasi Video Goes Viral All Over On Twitter

So, hello there, and another Pakistani politician’s viral video is causing quite a stir on various social media platforms. PTI Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, a member of the ruling party and a well-known figure in regional politics, is gaining a lot of attention this time due to her viral se**x video. Several sources have confirmed that he was seen in a controversial scandalous video with a female.

PTI Sadaqat Ali Abbasi’s Video Has Been Leaked

He is a Pakistani politician who was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan in the month of August of 2018. Has a Master of Science in economics from the International Islamic University in Islamabad, according to reports. We also offer a Master of Philosophy in Economics and a Master of Science in Information Technology, among other degrees. He is regarded as one of the most intelligent members of the cabinet, and he also teaches economics at all levels in Islamabad, having previously worked as a full-time teacher.

He received nearly 150000 votes and beat his opponent. But, like some previous Pakistani politicians, it is now avoiding the video, which is raising a lot of questions about its credibility, and the opposition is questioning him. We don’t know much about his family or relationship status, and he’s constantly defining the accusations and claiming that they’re all false rumours. My local authorities have not confirmed anything, and my political party has taken no action.


He made a lot of promises to people, and we mostly followed through on them because he has health care, employment, and drinking water. However, we have no evidence that he has kept his promises because no survey of his constituents’ opinions on his government has been conducted. He was born in a remote hilly area with limited access to education, and he stated that he has struggled since childhood to obtain a proper education. We don’t know how old he is, but he could be between 40 and 55 years old.

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