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PTI MPA Sania kamran Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit


On September 20, 1985, her age is 35 years old. Ms. Sania Kamran, the wife of Sheikh Muhammad Kamran, was born. She graduated with an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Punjab in Lahore in 2009. a politician who was chosen in 2020 to fill Ms. Shaheen Raza’s vacant seat in the Punjab Provincial Assembly, which was one of the seats designated for women. Since August 9th, 2021, she has been the Parliamentary Secretary for Women’s Development. She’s been abroad as well.

PARTY AFFILIATION: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
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FATHER’S/HUSBAND’S NAME: Sheikh Muhammad Kamran
TOOK OATH ON: 12th June 2020

Sania Kamran has been notified by ECP to fill the reserved seat left open by Shaheen Raza’s death from a coronavirus in the Punjab Assembly.

On Friday, Sania Kamran, the president of the PTI Punjab Women Wing, will take the oath of office in the Punjab Assembly seat designated for women (tomorrow).

She will take her oath from Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhary Pervez Elahi in front of PTI leaders and other dignitaries.

Sania Kamran was recently named president of the PTI Punjab Women Wing. After Shaheen Raza, a female MPA, passed away from the coronavirus, she will take her oath of office on the seat designated for women.

Sania Kamran was officially notified on June 10th by the Pakistani Election Commission that she had been elected to the Provincial Assembly on a seat designated for women.

Prior to this, Sania Kamran remained very active during the PTI’s general election campaign and established herself as a very devoted party worker. During the 2013 general elections, she ran a very successful party while also serving the party. He also served as the provincial party’s spokesperson during this time.

Since joining PTI ten years ago, Sania Kamra has demonstrated her leadership abilities in Lahore, the nation’s political capital.

I worked hard for PTI even during the general elections of 2013, Sania Kamran said in an interview she gave to UrduPoint in 2018, highlighting the party’s protracted struggle.

viral video from PTI MPA Sania Kamran



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