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Prince William, Kate Middleton, Camilla ‘unhappy’ about security change

After a security change, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Camilla are “unhappy” and “concerned.”

Members of the Firm will lose some of their most loyal and committed personal protection officers as a result of the new security shift.

Metropolitan Police Commander Helen Millichap, who is in charge of Protection Command, is overseeing the transition.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Protection officers occupy very unique positions with MRFs [members of the Royal Family]. They are with them 24 hours a day and it understandably takes a long time to build up a good relationship of confidence and trust.”

“Several very well-liked and respected officers have been moved on from their roles, not through any fault of their own. It’s simply because of this desire to shake things up a bit, sometimes for the sake of it, it seems. Everyone is unhappy about it, not least some of the principals [royals].”

The move follows the Queen’s latest security scare, which occurred when a man armed with a crossbow was observed walking the grounds of Windsor Castle on Christmas morning.

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