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Prince William and Kate Middleton are ‘copycats,’ using Meghan Markle’s media strategy.

Experts say Prince William and Kate Middleton were ‘desperate’ to adopt Meghan Markle’s ‘last Hail Mary.’

In a recent interview with Express UK, pop culture expert Nick Ede brought this claim to light.

“100% I think they have really changed over the last four years since Harry and Meghan started to use social media in a really strong way when they were part of the Royal Family,” he was quoted as saying.

“William and Kate, or their team, jumped on that bandwagon to really establish the fact that social media has this strong way of having an authoritative voice and also creating your own narrative,” says the author.

“So using it as a way for people to express themselves, getting journalists to report from their social media, and basically giving people an insight into their lives in a very controlled way, allowing them to use their narrative rather than anyone else’s,” says the author.

“I think they were probably a little bit scared of social media,” he said of the royals’ previous approach to Instagram.

“I believe the monarchy is archaic in many ways, and their approach to keeping up with the times has always been a little slower and less progressive than brands or other people.”

“And, once again, I believe they’re thinking of the Royal Family as a brand now.” And Kate and William, as the future king and queen, as a power couple.”

“As a result, they must consider how to truly engage an audience, whether Gen Z or Millennials.” Also, in a very strong and strategic way, other users.”

“I think it took them a long time to catch up and understand that actually social media is a really strong communication tool if used properly,” he added before concluding.

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